Publié le 17 décembre 2015

Seacology protects threatened habitats of the world’s islands by working directly with local communities to both conserve their natural resources and improve their quality of life. We offer a unique deal: if a village agrees to create or enforce a forest or marine reserve, Seacology will fund a key community need, such as a school or health clinic. Since 1991 Seacology has launched over 250 projects in 55 nations and has protected more than a million acres of some of the world’s most vulnerable habitats.

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Tocqueville Challenge

Publié le 16 décembre 2015

2014 saw the launch of the first Tocqueville Challenge. 13 teams began the journey, collaborating in tripartite teams of students, civil society organizations and mentors. Six of these teams saw their projects come to life. The winning project of the 2014 Tocqueville Challenge launched a youth volunteer recruitment movement for Association des Paralysés de France under the guidance of a student intern from their Tocqueville Challenge team. The second place project is taking life 9100 kilometers away in Hanoi, Vietnam through France Volontaires, engaging the private sector in their program l’Espace Volontaires. Our third place team who worked with Global Potential helped them launch their first cultural emersion trip to Senegal this past autumn for a group of 15 high school students. Another team’s project with the Croix Rouge drew the attention of a private donor and the Service Civique and is seeing its implementation reach far and wide throughout France’s third sector.

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YUVA Unstoppable

YUVA Unstoppable

Publié le 17 décembre 2015

An update from our 2015 Prince’s Prize Winner, YUVA Unstoppable Founder Amitabh Shah.

In India, there are 11 lac government schools and almost 16 cr. kids are studying in these schools. Out of this 11 lac schools, 47% of the schools do not have toilets for girls, which forces them to defecate in the open or to wait until they are home. In schools that do have girls toilets, 61% lack privacy. Almost 32% toilets are non-functional. This is a sad scenario and leads to all macro-level problems related to education and community in India. So far, YUVA Unstoppable has transformed 250 government schools across India and our target is 2000 for 2016. Investment per school is $10,000!

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