The Challenge Team

Publié le 16 décembre 2015

2014 saw the launch of the first Tocqueville Challenge. 13 teams began the journey, collaborating in tripartite teams of students, civil society organizations and mentors. Six of these teams saw their projects come to life. The winning project of the 2014 Tocqueville Challenge launched a youth volunteer recruitment movement for Association des Paralysés de France under the guidance of a student intern from their Tocqueville Challenge team. The second place project is taking life 9100 kilometers away in Hanoi, Vietnam through France Volontaires, engaging the private sector in their program l’Espace Volontaires. Our third place team who worked with Global Potential helped them launch their first cultural emersion trip to Senegal this past autumn for a group of 15 high school students. Another team’s project with the Croix Rouge drew the attention of a private donor and the Service Civique and is seeing its implementation reach far and wide throughout France’s third sector.


On behalf of the Tocqueville Foundation, we would like to introduce the second edition of the Tocqueville Civil Society Challenge. The Challenge Team took into account the valued feedback received from all stakeholders in order to make this next edition better and stronger than before. The major innovation for the 2015 Tocqueville Challenge is the introduction of the Co-creation approach. Thank you, both our new and returning partners, for the interest and enthusiasm you have expressed as we continue this exciting program in its second year.


The Challenge is intended to foster community engagement while strengthening youth service and building capacity in the social sector. Students are invited to tackle real-world problems, co-creating with mentor companies and institutions from the public, private, and non-profit sectors. They work to develop strategies to address challenges that concern all of the stakeholders in our communities, including Civil Society Organizations, businesses, students, and public sector institutions that are called upon to address important, unmet social needs.


This second edition welcomes 18 teams to the competition. Please find here a snapshot of the projects and partners in this year’s Challenge. We are excited to see the projects develop within the co-creation groups. Moving forward, we offer this platform to our teams, our Action Partners, our Mentors, and our Tocqueville Foundation Partners. We very much look forward to working with you on this groundbreaking effort in France, as we prepare to include other European partners in the next edition. Thank you again for joining us as Partners this year.


The Challenge Team:

Judith Symonds, Brenna Lundstrom, Nabil Ait Akkache