Action partners

Action Partners are organizations that provide an institutional framework for civil society action and service. They will be asked to identify a strategic or managerial problem they need to solve and that can be clearly articulated to Student Teams and Mentors.
The Tocqueville Foundation hopes to establish best practices for multi-sector collaboration between Action Partners, volunteers, the academic community, and the private sector for solving local and global social problems.



 Mentors are established professionals from the business, civil society, international organizations, and philanthropic fields. They provide advice on plan development and offer their personal and professional experience and networks, where appropriate, to assist the teams as they research and establish an innovative plan to address a specific challenge.


ecolesIn its first two pilot years, the Challenge was hosted at HEC, ESCP and Sciences Po.
After the pilot Challenges, it has been extended across France and Northern America (Canada, United States). Schools who are interested in participating in next year’s Challenge are encouraged to contact the Tocqueville Foundation for information on