After a 10-minute presentation and 10-minute question and answer session with the Jury, Jury members will score each of the following criterion on a scale of 1-5, for a total of 20 possible points.

  1. Innovation & Theory of Change
    1. Has the team demonstrated creativity and original thinking in the project plan?
    2. Is civic engagement an element of the innovation and change process? / Stakeholder consultation / Interviewing beneficiaries
    3. Benchmarking / market analysis
    4. Does the team’s project proposal support the theory of change?
  2. Sustainability
    1. Has the team outlined the resources (human, financial) that will be necessary to launch and sustain their project over time?
    2. Is the funding proposal appropriate for the Challenge issue to be resolved?
    3. Has the team made a realistic case, including relevant examples, for their funding proposal?
    4. Is there a credible and transparent governance structure to ensure development and sustainability?
  3. Impact & Evaluation
    1. Has the team designed logical and robust criteria for measuring the impact and potential scalability or replicability of their project?
    2. Has the team successfully highlighted the intended impact from social, economic political and environmental perspectives?
    3. Does the impact and evaluation framework allow for ‘real time’ project adjustments?
  4. Co-Creation Efficiency
    1. Has the team maximized and highlighted the added value of each partner (Student team, Action Partner, Mentor organization)?
    2. Do the students demonstrate an understanding and clearly express how each partner benefits from the co-creation experience?