Over the course of a few months, Student Teams will work with their Mentors and Action Partners to design an innovative solution to the challenges posed by the Action Partners. They are asked to produce a strategic framework, resourcing and community mobilization plans, and ensuing method for impact evaluation. In late March, all teams will participate together in an all-day workshop with all Challenge Mentors and Action Partners for a series of training sessions and networking.

Co-Creation Mentorship : involving companies in social change

The involvement of companies has been a major development in the Tocqueville Challenge. The Tocqueville Foundation along with Danone, one of its mains partners decided to develop co-creation between these different stakeholders, a process of collaboration between partners with complementary skills but aligned on common values to create a project or product balancing economic sustainability or profitability and social impact.

Co-creation provides a new starting point to innovate successfully, embracing the fact that all stakeholders are part of the solution.

Student teams are incubated with leading companies to address societal issues in collaboration with civil society organizations (Action Partners).

More than 10 companies engaged in the Tocqueville Challenge, co-creating solutions for problems identified by their Action Partners, and for which strategic action plans were designed by teams of students with the human and material resources brought by the stakeholders involved.