Purpose, missions and values

Fondation Entreprendre is a foundation whose aim is to make France a country of entrepreneurs :

  • By developing an entrepreneurial spirit
    through awareness-building, education and entrepreneurial training of youths in schools and universities, and by encouraging apprentices and school drop – outs to become “entrepreneurs of their lives”.
  • By helping would-be entrepreneurs
    by developing sustainable orga nisations specialising in the support, creation, takeover and growth of businesses, rebound assistance… in all sectors of the economy, whether commercial, social, solidarity – based or agricultural
  • By contributing to promoting entrepreneurship
    by initiatin g studies and surveys as sources of ideas and help in decision – making for the entrepreneurial ecosystem

Created on October 2008 by André Mulliez and chaired by Blandine Mulliez since March 2009, Fondation Entreprendre was registered as a Public Foundation in July 2011.

An umbrella foundation since December 2015, Fondation Entreprendre provides assistance to any individual or organisation wishing to carry out a philanthropic project in favour of the entrepreneurial cause, in creating umbrella foundations and defining a patronage strategy.

Its values, born of a unique mix of philanthropy and entrepreneurship, are entrepreneurial passion, a sense of commitment, the desire to help men and women grow, with high standards and kindness and consideration.

Operational team

Xavier Delattre Executive Director since 2014
President of Association Française des Fundraisers (AFF),
Administrator of Fondation Daniel & Nina Carasso

Elisabeth Da Souza Director of Philanthropy & Patronage

Jérôme Gervais Programs Director

Stephanie Begaud Administrative and financial Manager

Stephanie Duclos Communication Manager

Nathalie Fantino Office Manager


Fondation Entreprendre supports general interest players, to enable them to grow, hive out and increase their professiona lism, by promoting synergies and co – construction.

Since 2015, Fondation Entreprendre developed four flagship programs:

graines entrepreneurs“Graines d’Entrepreneurs ”, this youth program raises awareness among young people of the entrepreneurial spirit. From school to university, Fondation Entreprendre made sensitive more 100 000 young people in 2017.

des elles pour“Des Elles pour Entreprendre” is a dedicated women program to promote the development of female entrepreneurship. In 2007, Fondation Entreprendre initiated two MOOCs to help women finance their entrepreneurial project .

coeur entreprendre“Cœurs d’Entrepreneurs” supports people with disabilities to become entrepreneurs .


parcours entreprendre“Parcours d’Entrepreneurs” paths for entrepreneurs in the start – up, growth or takeover phase .


We also give one-off subsidies to specially selected associations. Ranging from €5,000 to €20,000, these subsidies are a way for the Foundation to identify potential partners and work with them for a period of one to two years, possibly renewable.

Out of this, associations subsequently benefitted from long – ter m support from the Foundation: Réseau Entreprendre Entreprendre Pour Apprendre (EPA France), Réseau Etincelle, Les Premières and Enactus.

Key figures
In 2016*

€5.3 M in collected donations
€4.3 M in social tasks
15 supported projects

Association cluster

filatureWith constant focus on working in close collaboration, Fondation Entreprendre contributes to the sharing of good practices amongst associations and encourages synergies, particularly since the opening of La Filature in January 2014.

Fondation Entreprendre entirely renovated three storeys of the building while preserving its industrial look and feel. This modular, welcoming space is now home to the Foundation’s h ead office, and a surface area of 480 m2 is reserved for associations that work for the entrepreneurial cause. Located in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, bordering the 9th and 2nd arrondissements, it is central and easily accessible.

filature2La Filature offers 40 workstations dedicated to co-working and four meeting rooms surrounding a user-friendly reception area of 100 m2 on the first floor (ground). As many as 10 meetings per day and a host of different events each month, organised by one or more association s together, breathe life into La Filature.
In addition to the operational team of Fondation Entreprendre, La Filature is home to six associations: 100 000 Entrepreneurs, Entreprendre Pour Apprendre (EPA France), Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants Paris (CJD), Ré seau Entreprendre© Paris and the Paris offices of Réseau Entreprendre© Fédération and Action’elles.

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