Our Mission & Vision



We foster a dynamic civil society through learning, innovation and engagement by the promotion of strategic philanthropy and social investing, building bridges across borders and generations.

Produire un impact sociétal, positif et durable en stimulant les synergies entre parties prenantes, aussi diverses soient-elles, par la co-création.



We promote a well-developed and effective civil society where individuals, acting together, address common problems and build sustainable social equity for future generations.

La démocratie, la cohésion sociale, l’éducation, la santé, l’environnement et le développement économique sont des biens communs à défendre.

Who We Are

The Tocqueville Foundation is a Franco-American initiative founded by Jean-Guillaume de Tocqueville. It is an international grant-making, prize awarding and operating foundation, registered in France under the auspices of the Fondation Entreprendre. The Foundation is governed by a five-member executive committee.
Anne-Céline Ribadeau Dumas is the CEO of the Tocqueville Foundation.

Our Heritage

The Tocqueville Foundation is devoted to promoting Alexis de Tocqueville’s unique vision of democracy and the rights and responsibilities of all members of society. It is has a special focus on France and Europe while nevertheless being global in scope.
We encourage private action as a means to address societal issues; at the same time, fostering global dialogue to promote innovation in philanthropy in support of civil society.

Our Partners


Fondation Entreprendre

Created on October 2008 by André Mulliez and chaired by Blandine Mulliez since March 2009, Fondation Entreprendre was registered as a Public Foundation in July 2011.

Fondation Entreprendre provides assistance to any individual or organisation wishing to carry out a philanthropic project in favour of the entrepreneurial cause, in creating umbrella foundations and defining a patronage strategy.


Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

His Serene Highness, Prince Albert II of Monaco is an active philanthropist and concerned citizen, personally involved in mobilizing support for issues from the environment to humanitarian and cultural. He hosts the annual Prince’s Roundtable on Philanthropy with the Institut de France and the Tocqueville Foundation.


The Conseil Général de la Manche

The Foundation partners with the Conseil Général de la Manche and the Association du Prix Alexis de Tocqueville who have awarded the renowned Tocqueville Prize of political literature since its inception in 1979. This prize is awarded to distinguished political thinkers from around the world who advocate the values of Alexis de Tocqueville.


United Way International

The Foundation joined with United Way International to form the United Way Tocqueville Association in France in 2008. United Way Tocqueville Association is now an independent not for profit organisation registered in France with its own governing board, executive director, programs, and resources.


Earhart Foundation

The Earhart Foundation is a key partner of the Tocqueville Foundation in their shared mission to promote citizen engagement and debate on basic principles of democratic societies. The Earhart Foundation supports new initiatives of the Tocqueville Foundation that promote learning and civic action.