Laure Mandeville

Laure Mandeville has been a senior reporter at Le Figaro for 31 years. She was the Washington bureau chief of Le Figaro from December 2008 to August 2016. Laure Mandeville joined the foreign service of Le Figaro in 1989 to cover the end of communism. She covered the post-Soviet world for 20 years. She was […]


Augustin de Romanet is a French political advisor and business executive, CEO of Groupe ADP since November 2012. He served as the chairman of the Caisse des dépôts et consignations from 2007 to 2012, and held many government positions between 1986 and 2006. ​


Pierre d’Harcourt, 61, started to work at the French Ministry of Finance. He then worked in the investment banking industry and in the meantime acted as business angel. Since 2010 he managed various business in Europe and the Pacific, mostly in the food and beverage industry.He is also chairman of Group Sud-Ouest, one of the […]

Benjamin HADDAD

Benjamin Haddad is an expert in European politics and transatlantic relations. Before moving to the Atlantic Council, he was a fellow at Hudson Institute in Washington DC. He graduated from Sciences Po Paris and HEC, and still gives lectures on international relations in Sciences Po. ​

Blandine MULLIEZ

For nearly 15 years, Blandine Mulliez has been working for the entrepreneurial cause. Her commitment to both entrepreneurship and philanthropy is based on a strong conviction, the need to accompany people to undertake their life, in order to make them actors of their future. Convinced of the need to cheer all entrepreneurship support initiatives, she […]


  John Rossant is the Founder and Chairman of the New Cities Foundation (, a major global non-profit network devoted to improving the quality of life and work in 21st century cities. Founded in 2010, the New Cities Foundation brings together private sector and public sector leaders, the research community and other non-profits and NGOs […]