Academic Initiatives



The Foundation is now actively working to expand this base to Europe, North America and beyond through the Tocqueville Platform. The Platform has two complementary parts: a modular curriculum and an inter-university Challenge. The goal is to encourage universities worldwide to provide a ‘best practice’ open source, modular curriculum and pedagogical materials to teach students how to develop and implement their vision of engagement in civil society and how and when to engage in philanthropy and other social initiatives to address global challenges.



The Challenge mobilizes students to address local and global challenges through engagement and innovation in civil society and philanthropy. Challenge participants will be selected, primarily, from Tocqueville Platform course participants, who compete nationally between schools with final prize winners chosen at an international level. The Foundation will support this prize in academic year 2013-2014, but will eventually seek corporate and other philanthropic support for the expansion and development of the prize.

Global Dialogue

The Foundation commissions task forces, public debates, and academic research to generate knowledge and awareness about the issues facing international philanthropy and civil society. The Foundation is currently developing the Tocqueville Foundation Academy Fellows Program that will identify and support university professors making outstanding contributions to civil society.


The Tocqueville Foundation co-sponsors, with the Fondation Prince Albert II, an annual closed-door forum of leading international philanthropists. The forum takes place in Monaco following the annual World Economic Forum in Davos. The forum helps philanthropists to exchange ideas, share experiences and collaborate in a confidential environment. His Serene Highness Prince Albert II and Chancellor Gabriel de Broglie of the Institut de France have moderated the annual forum since its inauguration in 2011.


The Freedom and Solidarity Forum, sponsored by the American Chamber of Commerce in France, marks the 70th anniversary of D-Day and the Overlord operation in June 2014 in Caen. The collaboration with the Tocqueville Foundations is one example of the Foundation’s support for key international fora that promote citizen engagement and democracy and the Tocqueville legacy.

Prince’s Prize

The Prince’s Prize for Innovative Philanthropy is an initiative jointly developed by The Tocqueville Foundation and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. Its goal is to highlight projects and initiatives that have triggered innovative activity in the field of philanthropy, seeking out individuals and organizations that inspire others. The Prince’s Roundtable on Philanthropy, an annual closed-door forum of leading international philanthropists, takes place in Monaco every year following the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, and many of the Roundtable’s members serve on the nominating and evaluating committee for the Prince’s Prize, together with a select group of social entrepreneurs, foundation directors, academics and other opinion leaders.

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